If you're looking for CUSTOM fuzzy dice, we would be pleased to help you make your dream become a reality.   Add TEXTLOGOS and PHOTOS!  

Now with even greater design capabilities!  At our in-house facility, choose from dozens of fuzzy dice colors, 40 dot colors/styles, and over 100 text colors/styles! 


Pricing (USD)


(Starting at)

1 pair

(Starting at)
$29.99* per pair
(*see below)

Includes: All Setup Fees, Dice, Dots & Customization. 


For the identical text on both die, or different text on each die (in place of the "1" pip) - $29.99, plus shipping.


Want to take a loved one with you on the road wherever you go?  Just add your favorite picture to your fuzzy dice!  And while you're making your own CUSTOM fuzzy dice, choose your dots to your liking as well!

  • ONE PHOTO on one side of one die (in place of the 1 "pip")  - $32.99, plus shipping.
  • TWO PHOTOS - one photo on one side of each die (in place of the 1 "pip")  - $34.99, plus shipping.

Since there is such a vast difference of detail from one logo to the next, all CUSTOM logo fuzzy dice requests we receive are reviewed individually, and costs are determined based on quantities, design complexity, etc. 


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