Fuzzy Rear View Mirror Cover - Pink Light


A great addition to any car, this dynamic LIGHT PINK fuzzy rearview mirror cover definitely shouts "pizzazz"!  Our soft, fuzzy rearview mirror covers for cars are easy-to-install, stretch-on mirror covers and are the ultimate of rearview mirror accessories!


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--   MATCHING   --

FUZZY DICE  (with "Color-Your-Dots" capability!)


- We guarantee all "matching" items you purchase will come from the same dye-lot, ensuring a 100% match (unlike some of our competitors)!   In other words, we promise that our Light Pink fuzzy rear view mirror covers match our Light Pink fuzzy dice and Light Pink fuzzy steering wheel covers perfectly!

- We now offer gemstones and other bling as fuzzy dice "dot" options, so for those of you hoping for more rearview mirror accessories to match, the possibilities are virtually endless!

- Great for personalization or customization!


FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, in addition to having the standard black dot and white dot options for fuzzy dice, you now can customize your dots!  Choose from DOZENS of dot colors and gemstones to create your own custom dice, and match your car perfectly, inside and out!

THOUSANDS of car accessory combinations available!