3 Inch Sin City Dice


For people, young and old, who love their cars.

** Please note our Sin City Soft-sided dice are not compatible with the custom color dots service** 

Go back in time with this nostalgic pair of 3 Inch Soft-sided Sin City dice for car mirrors, and take a moment to remember all those great times in your pride and joy!  Cruising down that long stretch of highway with your stereo cranked, windows down, wind blowing back your hair!  Few memories beat that...

- Each pair of 3 Inch Soft-sided Sin City dice is connected together with nylon rope, designed as car rear view mirror hangers.  (Please note this pair of dice is not considered fuzzy dice, furry dice or fluffy dice.)

- Add "CLASSIC" style to your car! 

- Try them on the car rear window ledge (if you have one!)

- Great for personalization or customization!

THOUSANDS of car accessory combinations available!