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2 Inch Red Satin Plush Dice


For people, young and old, who love their cars.

** Please note our Satin Red Plush Dice are not compatible with the Color-Your-Dots service** 


What says more "retro" than going back to the 70's era with these 2 inch Metallic Red plush dice for your car?  Well, we can't think of anything!  This pair of 2 inch Red plush dice for cars is covered with a shiny satin material (instead of fluffy material), and comes with white dots.

- The 2 inch Red plush dice are connected together with nylon rope, made to hang from your car rear view mirror.  (Please note this pair of dice is not considered fuzzy dice, furry dice, or fluffy dice.)

- Add "CLASSIC" style to your car with these Satin Red Plush Dice! 

- Try them on the car rear window ledge (if you have one!)

- Great for personalization or customization!